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‘There was a call for volunteers to join a special unit to do parachute jumping. I had seen parachute soldiers in the movies and it was very frightening. Guess what... I thought, "if they can do it, I can do it", so I volunteered... About forty N.C.O.'s volunteered. Out of these, ten were chosen. We met the other Canadians who volunteered, and we were on our way by train to Helena, Montana... In the movie "The Devil's Brigade" they picture us as marching into camp with bagpipes, etc. I don't remember anything like that. We did march with our arms swinging high.”

…… Soldier Sam, Dr. Frumi’s dad

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The Devil’s Brigade fought in Italy, taking the fortified German stronghold at Mt. La Defensa in one night, followed by assaults on Monte Sammucro, Monte Casino, and others. There were 1800 original members of the force.

During the mountain campaign, they suffered 1400 casualties, including 511 deaths.   In the assault on Mont LaDifensa
my Dad was volunteered to be a first aids-man. (You, you and you). He received two hours training.

“I don't remember how many others were wounded but we had one with a very serious wound through the lungs. I don't know the man's name but he was popular in 2nd Regt. I had been taught that if someone is shot and his lungs are punctured you put a piece of poncho over the wound and cover it with bandages -which is what I did. I am really happy that the man, after a lengthy stay in the hospital, made it.”

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