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90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years. Having grown and exited several companies of her own, Dr. Frumi developed a methodology based on a synthesis of proven practices to avoid failing and create a sustainable and profitable business.

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Dr. Frumi has guided hundreds of leaders to grow and scale their businesses by taking them from planning to execution.

Meet Dr. Frumi, MBA, PhD

She is known as The CEO’s Secret Weapon. She focuses on culture first to create an environment that allows for the right decisions to be made regarding Vision, Culture, Strategy, Metrics, Execution and Cash Management.

Her Why: to create a safe place for leaders and teams to discuss what matters most.

Her Who: She guides creative, ambitious CEOs who want to grow their businesses, so they have more freedom and a fabulous culture.

Her How: She works with companies of all sizes to Scale Up and to create greater alignment, effectiveness and accountability to gain traction. 

Author of A CEO’s Secret Weapon

Dr. Frumi Barr employs the theory of projecting your inner self into the company. She harnesses the power of knowing your Why to implement solutions that work. Says Frumi, “Harness your inner passion—whatever it is—to become the most committed advocate for your cause that ever existed.”

A CEO’s Secret Weapon is 51,000 words of extraordinary commentary about what’s bugging today’s leaders and what they can do about it. 

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For the Entrepreneur With a Team of 4 or More

Do you struggle with any of these thoughts?

  • Fear of Business Failure

  • What if I'm not up to the challenge?

  • What if I'm not good enough or smart enough?

  • What if I fail everyone who believes in me?

  • What if I lose everything - savings, home, marriage.... 

You are a Serial Entrepreneur With 2 + Companies

You are in the right place if:

  • You never went to biz school 

  • You went to biz school or a professional program but didn't learn how to run a business

  • You feel like the Chief Everything Officer

  • You are working in your business not on it

  • You are always learning new things to shore up weaknesses instead of working on your strengths or delegating 

You Are Growing Fast With NO Execution Plan

Your Company Has Grown In Spite of You and Now It's Time to Organize

Is this YOU?

  • You need to get organized to work ON your business and not just put out fires

  • You need to raise money and to be successful in doing so you need an execution plan in addition to your business plan

  • You need to create Priorities and Allocate accountabilities to your team

  • It's time to let go of the need to control everything 

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What our Clients Say

Ned S., CEO

2020 was a tough year, however, it was one of my best years yet, especially in learning a tremendous amount about how to grow my company. I owe so much of what I learned to my friend and mentor Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr - she is truly a wealth of knowledge and knows how to impart that knowledge to those she supports. It was an honor to have her on the Benefits Influencer Podcast. We discuss many of the items I have implemented in my own business. You can find the podcast on all major platforms or follow this link -

Tim B., CEO

For more than a decade, Dr. Frumi has stood tall in my life as one of the most trusted advisors. She is an excellent thinker, consistently demonstrating the ability to size up challenging situations and provide sage advice that can be put to use immediately. Dr. Frumi practices at the highest level of integrity, is always responsive, focuses on results, and is respectful about every investment dollar she earns. As an integral part of my life now, Dr. Frumi has shown me that now never relies on its past to capture its future.

Trish C., CEO

I have Dr. Frumi on my speed dial. Her wise counsel has supported me with my board, and my team. And every now and then, she talks me off the ledge. Fast growth can be daunting, and having a guide by my side is priceless!

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