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Online Courses for Entrepreneurs

In-person or virtual training

Executive Coaching

Chief Scaling Officer Program

Online Courses for Entrepreneurs


An online program for entrepreneurial leaders & their teams who are playing to win! 

Everything You Don’t Learn in Business School. A mini-MBA 
  • Time & Energy Management

  • Entrepreneurship & Leadership 

  • People and Culture

  • Strategy

  • Flawless Execution

  • Cash Management

  • Data Management 

*Special bundles and prices for 3 or more collaborators from the same company

In-Person or Virtual Training

*Programs can be tailored according to the company's needs.

Our training programs guide and help Top Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs to develop the fundamental skills to deliver better business results, lead teams more effectively, and get in-depth business and practical knowledge to enhance their careers and make their companies grow and scale. Some of our top training programs are:
  • The Cycle of Renewal:

  • Living Your Why: The Big Five for Life 

  • A Guide to Better Decision Making

  • The Five Behaviors: Unleash Your Team’s Ultimate Competitive Advantage 

  • Crucial confrontations: Tools for talking when stakes are high

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Whether you are a CEO, Top Executive, Team leader, or serial entrepreneur, my coaching and mentoring programs will empower you by discovering your strengths, weaknesses and guide you to grow, develop, expand and take your career and company to a different level. Some of my top programs are:
  • The Why Immersion: Our most impactful offering s a tailored phased strategy process that accelerates a company's results: aligns the team behind their cause and allows them to hit the ground running with a specific actionable plan.

  • CEO Mentoring/Confidante: Bi-weekly plus Just-in-Time Issue Coaching

  • Leadership Team Coaching: Aligning the team around priorities and goals

  • Remote Virtual Team Coaching: Intentional culture development and team alignment

*Talk to Dr. Frumi and find whats the best program for you according to your needs, professional background, and role within your company.

Chief Scaling Officer Program

*Programs can be tailored according to the company's needs.

Growing a business is not a game of blindly throwing darts at a board and hoping they reach the bullseye. It entails LEADING people, SETTING goals and priorities, IMPLEMENTING tools and processes, and MANAGING cash and data to ensure you reach your optimum targets and create long-term value for your organization and your customers.

Steady growth involves a tangible plan that enables you and your team to operate leveraging your strengths, clearly communicating your goals and expectations, and managing your engine’s temperature so it runs at just the right speed. Not too hot. Not too cold…

We'll teach a designated Team member the strategy and execution habits of the richest man in modern history, John D Rockefeller. And, we'll teach YOUR Chief Scaling Officer how to apply those habits in today’s modern competitive environment.

Are you looking to unlock the full potential of your business but are not sure where to focus or how best to get there?

This is for you!

CEO's experience with Dr. Frumi


"Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr, has played a vital role with our company over the past 8 years. As a group facilitator, Frumi has provided our Leadership Team with reliable guidance at times when we needed help finding our way, from a strategy setting point of view. And along the way, Frumi has upgraded our “group cohesiveness” by helping us to get past obstacles that have historically stifled our progress. For me personally, Frumi has been a valued mentor and chief contributor to all walks of my life, with a special talent to help me through difficult situations with clarity and an uncanny ability to untangle the knots that have held me back."


"Dr. Frumi, we are so lucky to have you as our mentor, especially me. You gave me so much confidence in the time of uncertainty. You saw more talent and ability in me than I saw within myself. This helped bring the best out of me. You are an exemplary loving, caring and dedicated advisor, role model and friend. I love you for all this… Thanks for making a great difference in my life."


"I have only been working with Dr. Frumi for 5 months and within that time I have increased my annual run rate by over 15% and I’m working less than I have at any point over the last 4 years. Dr. Frumi has helped me to implement systems and structure that are a business owners dream: I’ve increased the level of engagement of my work force and my services are more marketable than ever to my current clients and my future prospects."

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