Our mission is to provide

the learning needed for

businesses  to thrive

as they grow.

To provide order out of chaos

during exponential growth.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

After training many teams on how to grow safely, we decided to bring our methodology

to the world. You have heard of "go big, or go home", and that's what brought us here,

and now! We would like to change the miserable statistic about all the businesses that

fail. Instead we'd like to serve millions of entrepreneurs to impact their businesses and

the people who work long hours to make their dreams come true.

We strive to support entrepreneurs to:

  • Gain time and money freedom

  • Gain a comfortable degree of certainty in an uncertain world

  • Find meaning & fulfillment

  • Make an impact on the world

  • Achieve significance and recognition from family, friends and business colleagues.

Meet your Coach and Mentor

Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr equips entrepreneurial leaders and their teams with the tools they need to grow safely and make the right decisions about their leadership, People, Strategy, Execution, Cash, and Data management.

Eighty-five percent of businesses fail within the first five years. Those that don’t go through different phases of growth and between each phase the company can go through a “valley of death”.

Understanding how to scale is critical for success. Having grown and exited several companies of her own, She developed a methodology based on a synthesis of proven practices to avoid the valley of death and create a sustainable and profitable business


She is the author of A CEO’s Secret Weapon : How to Accelerate Success. The book was ranked top business book of 2012 by ExecRank and has a foreword by her colleague Simon Sinek , international author of best-selling Start with Why.

My Journey To Mastering Growth 

I am Dr. Frumi, the CEO and Founder of The Barr Business School where we raise the bar for entrepreneurs. I have been a lifelong entrepreneur myself, with several fast-growing companies in my past. My business education came after my first three hair-raising adventures with exponential growth companies. I often wish that I had someone like who I am now to guide me and teach me. Reflecting back, I realize that I could have raised money faster, had more freedom from worry, created better synergy with the people on my teams and in fact been even more successful.


Being an entrepreneur is a little like riding a roller coaster.

It is never a smooth ride. With a degree in Physical Therapy and a specialty in lower limb prosthetics, it came as a surprise to many, including myself when I found myself as the CEO of a clock manufacturing company in Toronto. I asked a department store buyer how to make money in the business and as a result, our company became the number one supplier to several large department stores, with a reciprocal licensing agreement with the USA's largest clock manufacturer. All was well until interest rates went sky high, Christmas was coming, inventory had to be bought, all with borrowed money. Ouch! With assistance from my largest customer, we sold our company to a competitor in July so that there was no interruption in the supply chain.


Was that business a success or failure? You can decide.


My next growth adventure 

One was as a partner in an architectural firm. The lead architect had designs on me, and so I married him and we continued to grow our firm very successfully, and then exited to move to Southern California.

The next big adventure was an infomercial company that grew to 12 million in revenue within 6 months. This was a tremendous success until the company I licensed the products to copied the product to avoid royalty payments, and didn't do so well. That success ended up in court in a class-action lawsuit.


And that's when the next adventure began...


Customers of the real hair care product started calling from all over the country wanting the real deal back! And this is where the story got weird. My investor intended to back out at the eleventh hour for the following reasons: He didn't want to invest in a woman-led company , I didn't have a Masters in Business Administration and he had deep pockets and was afraid of another lawsuit. I developed a secret sauce for finding investment funds, which I could tell you, but won't write here or it wouldn't be a secret anymore. Suffice it to say, that I received the funding necessary and the next adventure began.

That company grew to 9 million in the first two years and then we exited successfully.


My journey continued with lots of learning - an MBA, a doctorate in business, certifications in conflict resolution. mediation, numerous assessments, a coaching certification, and embarrassingly, still more. My final learning was about growth methodologies. You may be familiar with Scaling Up (formerly Gazelles) or EOS (Entrepreneurs Operating System). I synthesized the best of those and more using my own unique experience.

In addition to the courses you'll see here, I have written over 150 comprehensive book summaries that you will benefit from. Life has been about continuous learning for me and now it's about passing the knowledge on to people like you!

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